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Parent’s guide to the apps for children with Autism

Updated: Jan 22

Being a parent is challenging, and sometimes apps can come to the rescue to offer support or entertainment for your child! We know that parents these days are becoming more and more aware of how long they are allowing their child to have screen time, and are closely monitoring their child’s activities during this time. Although there is no “one-size fits all,” you can keep the following things in mind when hunting for that perfect app for your child:

  • Consider your child’s age, and download apps which are appropriate and geared towards kids their age

  • Consider how their diagnosis may affect the type of content they will enjoy. Does your child crave a high level of stimulation? Consider downloading an app with lots of sound effects, visual effects, and cause and effect features

  • Consider your child’s skills. Choosing an app that caters to their skills right now can eliminate any frustrations from using apps which are too complicated, or getting bored of an app which is intended for kids below their skill level

Here is a list of 5 apps which you can feel good about downloading onto your child’s device:

Endless Reader: prepare early learners for school or support your school aged kiddo with learning sight words

Proloquo2Go: An easy-to-use communication app for those who cannot speak or need help being understood. You can choose from a variety of different voices to closely resemble your child, in addition to setting different languages to fit your family. The app comes with pre-set word boards, in addition to being fully customizable to fit the individual needs of the user!

Otismo: This app was created by a power team made up of parents, psychologists, and special education teachers. Their goal was to create an app for children with developmental or learning needs that will help strengthen their motor and cognitive skills through matching, drawing, choosing, ordering and sound games. This app uses the principles of ABA to encourage learning – bonus!

Tappy- Self Care Fidgeter: On this app you’ll find great fidget games to help boost relaxation, focus, or just have some fun!

ABS Kids- Tracing & Phonics: An app with educational featured such as tracing letters, recognizing shapes, phonic sounds and more to introduce your child into the English alphabet and support their education!

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