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Respite services designed for each individual

When you need it most, we're here to support you, your family, and your lifestyle. Respite services empower families to regain their individuality.

An Experienced Team

Our respite services is comprised of a multi-level team which fully encompasses what a successful respite program requires. Respite workers are provided guidance and oversight by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst to ensure a behavioural approach is embedded within our respite services. Direct support is provided by our Family and Child Support Workers who build trusting relationships with families, creating a level of service which is unmatched. 


Our respite team is available to anyone in the community. Most importantly, we specialize in supporting individuals who's challenging behaviours and unique needs may have proven difficult to find care for in the past. We aim to provide caregivers the confidence they need in order to leave their loved ones in capable hands by specializing in developmental delays, complex special needs, and urgent care requirements. This comprehensive team allows all family members peace of mind while taking time to themselves. 

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