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Finding the Right Plan for You

The first step of beginning services with us is consulting with one of our clinicians to discuss which service will best suit your needs.

ABA services with Connections is eligible for funding with the Ontario Autism Program. Learn more about Core Clinical Services and Urgent Response Services

1:1 Services

Connections Behaviour Consulting offers in-person services at our various locations. ABA services will be tailored to every client in the form of a focused or comprehensive program. If you have specific goals in mind, focused ABA can help you reach them. A comprehensive ABA program offers intensive interventions to address behavioural concerns and build skills. Common goals include: 

  • Communication skills

  • Self help 

  • Academics 

  • School readiness 

  • Social skills 

ABA services always begin with a comprehensive skills assessment and are overseen by a BCBA®. 

Teacher and Student
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We are passionate about providing services for those who may not have access to ABA therapy due to geographical reasons. Telehealth services seek to improve a client's well-being through the use of two-way video and audio conferencing. Telehealth can follow a focused ABA model, where we work 1:1 with your child on specific learning goals, or our parent coaching model, where we provide you with strategies to help with daily life. 

Complex Special Needs

We provide services for children and youth who require a more intensive level for support due to complex concerns and behavioural challenges. Complex special needs services include a comprehensive individualized plan to address concerns at home, school and the community. We take a collaborative approach and recognize the importance of working with community partners. 

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Parent Coaching

We know that day to day tasks and routines can be a struggle, and we are here to help. Parent coaching is available for parents who want to focus on specific goals at home or learn more about how they can incorporate ABA principles into their daily lives. Parent coaching can focus on goals such as:

  • Toilet training 

  • Daily schedules

  • Tolerating non-preferred, but necessary activities (e.g., dentist visits)

  • Daily living skills

  • Bedtime routines

  • Playing with siblings 

We use a behavioural skill training model (BST) for parent coaching sessions and all training is overseen by Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA®).

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